The Story

Living and working in Central London and going almost everywhere on foot, theatrical agent Paola Farino found she was constantly lugging heavy bags around town. From her laptop and work accessories, through to sports gear and last minute shopping on the way home, traveling light was never an option.

It was a trip to LA that got her thinking.  “I bought a new suitcase with spinner wheels and couldn’t believe how easy it was to move around. I vowed never to pull a case behind me again and wondered if I could somehow use these wheels to lighten the load that I was carrying with me on a daily basis.”

She came up with the design for a top-opening bag, asked her architect father to draw a prototype for development and the City Carrier was born.

The Plan

The FARINO City Carrier was designed to take the weight off the city dweller’s shoulders – literally. It is the world’s first ever carrier on 360 spinner wheels, that is top-opening and is also suitable as hand luggage on most international airlines.

Made from stylish, weatherproof neoprene, it is contemporary and perfect for all aspects of 'city life on the go'.  Its spinner wheels (originally manufactured for roller blades) render just about any load virtually weightless.  It is tough, lockable and enviably chic.

The Result

The City Carrier. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever got around without one.