The manoeuvring of this bag is second to none! It glides by your side easily and rolls along with the slightest nudge. Just the right size for a laptop, work essentials, lunch, shoes and change of clothes. So many people have passed comment on how stylish the bag looks when I’m in town, so not just practical it also looks amazing. It fits in luggage racks and even is no hassle on the rush hour central line! Highly recommended by a daily commuter with regular overnights away. [Judy, Canterbury - Sept 19]

LOVE this bag! So useful for taking about town with me, I can carry my textbooks in it and its also very handy for when I go shopping. Took it on holiday and it was great as my hand luggage, it fitted in the overhead lockers well. Very versatile, very stylish and I love how easily it moves! [Issy, Surrey - Sept 19]

I do many different things so I am usually seen lugging many bags. This has changed all that. I can put everything I need for my long days - change of clothes, gym stuff, laptop etc and pick up a few groceries on my way back home. No more shoulder or back ache for me. I love the look and style and how light it feels - it must be the wheels. I now glide rather than struggle! I really like that you can wheel the carrier along side you as well, with no strain on the wrists. It's compact looking. You can carry lots of stuff in it if you need to and doesn't look like a shopping trolley - its like a tardis (Dr Who!). I also love the hidden compartment - I put my travel card, mobile and keys in for security. Handbag sits neatly inside main compartment. I used to struggle with a cabin bag style bag if I needed to retrieve a book or file, but now if I need something it’s easy - flip over the cover and dive in! A great stylish, well made, solution to carrying my life around for me - highly recommended. [Roli, London - Sept 19]

What’s nice about the City Carrier is that it is bigger than I thought it would be – there is room in there to do some shopping after work, which means I never have to carry any extra bags. I’ve also used it in all weathers and my stuff hasn’t got wet. When the rain was really heavy, I zipped up the top. I haven’t been on a plane with it yet, but I can see it would be fantastic at the airport and will definitely take it when we next go away. Since I’ve been using the City Carrier, my shoulder pain has disappeared almost completely. Now everyone at work is asking me where I got this nice looking bag from as there is nothing else like it in the shops. [Marja, Surrey - Sept 19]

This bag changed my life! I do not drive a car and have to carry my shopping with a bad back and hernia. I acquired this carrier and found it the perfect solution. It's spacious and based on a lightweight metal frame with spinner wheels. I am tall and the adjustable upright handle means my hand holds it easily in a natural position; this way the carrier is effortlessly wheeled by my side, even when full of heavy shopping. It is stylish to look at. When I am out it attracts a lot of attention from the public and also supermarket staff. Their comments make me feel quite proud of it. [Tim, London - Sept 19]